Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Munchies

This is a Thanksgiving post. It is chock full of pictures (which took me forever to get on here) and should take you a long time to get through. I spent the weekend at my Grandparent's with a lot of my family, and we had a fantastic time playing card games, eating pie, and taking tons of pictures. ;) So, I hope you have a safe voyage through this picture-ful post!

Paul and his Jana

Paul nuzzles a cute baby

Every time Paul pulled his sad face, Jana would start to cry. SO cute!

Little monkey man cousin of mine

I have never seen a baby eat a single cookie so messily.

What a cutie pie

Hair by Paul

He licked her head.

But she seemed to enjoy it!

Come here, honey!

Wyatt decided I needed a kiss. :)

This picture makes me laugh SO hard!

Jana and Paul are best buddies

This is one of my favorites

Hey James boy!

Have a drink, James...

Matt and his little guy

A daddy and his babies

I loves James' upside down smiling


Yay, you made it! I sincerely hope you enjoyed looking through these pictures as much as I did. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family who love me and let me take pictures of our craziness together. I couldn't have handpicked them better myself! I love you guys!
Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. Since it's officially the day after Thanksgiving, I feel no guilt in this Christmas background. Also I'm okay to help put up Christmas decorations. WAHOO!


Kendall said...

Kate! I loved the pictures!!! Oh man, we can't wait to come be part of the family craziness for new years. 4 more weeks.

Lee and Melody said...

Yay Christmas! Wahoo!
Awesome pictures, I hadn't seen that crazy Gene Simmons one of Jana's. Love it!