Sunday, September 30, 2012

On Being Comfortable With Yourself

It's not that easy being green,
Having to spend each day the color of the leaves,
When I think it could be nicer,
Being red or yellow or gold,
Or something much more colorful like that.

It's not that easy being green,
It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things,
And people tend to pass you over,
Cause you're not standing out like flashy sparkles on the water,
Or stars in the sky.

But green's the color of spring, 
And green can be cool and friendly-like,
And green can be big, like an ocean,
Or important, like a mountain,
Or tall like a tree.

When green is all there is to be,
It could make you wonder why,
But why wonder? Why wonder?
I am green, and it'll do fine. It's beautiful,
And I think it's what I want to be.

It's Not Easy Being Green - Kermit the Frog

This is my last September music post, even though it's technically October now. I'm feeling vaguely sentimental about this; it's been kind of fun. Anyway, this song is particularly dear to my heart, which is why it's the last one I'm posting. It's also why I have a Kermit the Frog pillow pet on my bed right now, but that's besides the point.

Finding the good things in other people is usually easy. Not always, of course. There will always be those people that are harder to get along with than others. But generally speaking, it's a pretty straightforward thing. Finding the good in ourselves, on the other hand, seems to be something of a lifelong quest. Or at least it is for me. I am more prone to forget my strengths and talents than I am to forget about other people's. I tend to be more brutal to myself than I would ever be to anyone else. I'm not always comfortable in my own skin--I tend to focus on the bad qualities more than the good. It's moments like these that I remember Kermit, or at least I try to. 

Sometimes, I think we all feel like it could be nicer being red or yellow or gold, or something much more colorful like that. Or that we feel that people tend to pass us over, 'cause we're not standing out like flashy sparkles on the water or stars in the sky. Maybe you're not smart enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, tall enough, rich enough, strong enough, witty enough, popular enough, etc. etc. And maybe you wonder why you were given your traits or your trials. But why wonder? You need to realize--whatever you are is beautiful, and when you start to love who you are and stop fantasizing about how happy you'd be if you were someone else, you can see that beauty.

So I'll allow you two verses to muse about why you're not good enough, but the rest of the song needs to be devoted to realizing that you're just right the way you are and loving you for who you are.

Happy October, my friends. You're all lovely.


Saturday, September 29, 2012


Oh, Michael Jackson. I love you forever.

Say Say Say- Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney

I don't know if I'm the only one who has those days where they go off to get stuff done and accidentally spend 3 hours watching Michael Jackson music videos. He was revolutionary. Extraordinary. Fabulous. Absolutely unprecedented. One of the most incredible entertainers the world has ever seen. Michael Jackson is my love.


Beat It

Smooth Criminal

They Don't Really Care About Us

Black or White

I want to keep posting them forever, but I'll refrain.

Also, Marina? Wanna play MJ Just Dance....please? :)


Friday, September 28, 2012

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

In case you were unaware, Paul Simon is one of my most favorite songwriters ever. Of all time. Him, Marcus Mumford, Sting, and Billy Joel are probably my favorite lyricists. Gee whiz, they write good music. So here's a nice Friday song for you. :)

Paul Simon - Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

Happy Friday to you. Go do something you enjoy!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gasoline, Milk, Country Music, and Home Depot

Judging from the title, you'd assume this post is a lot more exciting than it really is. I could tell you an extravagant story involving those things, but instead you're going to get two random facts, a story, and a song. The song first.

Just Fishin' - Trace Adkins

Working at a barn does things to your taste in music. So, secretly, I love country music. Plus this song reminds me how much I love fishing with my dad, and it makes me cry a lot.

Now, on to business.

1. I love 2% milk. 2% milk is my one and only, besides BYU chocolate milk. Dang it, I just love milk.

2. I like the smell of gasoline. I forgot about that until today. Do you want to know why? Good, I'll tell you. I like it because the towboats at Tom & Woods smelled like gasoline, and I had the best times of my childhood at Tom & Woods, catching frogs and swimming in the lake and fishing on the dock where the towboats were tied off. So...gasoline smells like childhood?

3. And now for Home Depot. I feel like I may have actually written about this event before, but it's good enough to be told again.
Once upon a golden summer, I went to Home Depot with my family to get paint. We were buying a lot of paint, and the guy at the counter told us it would take a while to mix it all, or whatever they do when they're getting paint ready. So we wandered off, looking for entertainment. I found mine in the form of paint can boxes, and the models thereupon. You know those boxes that all the cans come in? And they always have a picture on the front of some happy person sitting in a well-furnished room? Yeah, you can probably see where this is going. So I borrowed a pen from my mom and went from box to box, embellishing the boxes and happy people as I saw fit. I was transforming an especially cheerful man into a pirate when, in the middle of his fantastic mustache, my pen ran out of ink. I shook it and scribbled on the box, but to no avail. Right at that moment, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I knew I was in trouble. I turned around slowly to face the giant, burly, marine-like Home Depot employee that was standing behind me. I smiled in what I imagine was a slightly apologetic way, and he looked over my shoulder at the paint-can pirate, complete with earring and eyepatch. He raised one eyebrow and looked down at me. I felt completely ashamed and was about to offer a frantic apology when he reached into his apron and pulled out a ballpoint pen. "I just thought you might like to try this pen; I noticed yours stopped working," he said. I felt my jaw drop, and he chuckled a bit. I accepted the pen and mumbled a dumbfounded, "Thanks." He smiled and walked away, and over his shoulder he said, "Keep up the good work!"


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Words to Live By, Part 2

Some days, all you can do is think about dancing chimney sweeps and post the rest of the quotes you started posting yesterday. Because some days are happy. Because some days Marcus Mumford's doppelganger is in your Book of Mormon class and there's a really cute trumpet player that smiles at you during rehearsal. Happy Tuesday to me! :)

Step in Time - Mary Poppins

And the quotes.

"How are you even supposed to know if you're pregnant? Do you just wait 'til you get fat?"

"I will NOT stand for this...woo hoo hoo, I WILL stand for it!"

"This is far too graceful for a man-hula." -Uncle Brian

"Even though I won't know, I will know! And I'll be mad!"
-Mrs. Van Orden

"Hey. Hey you. I can dress as gay as I want to while I'm making rap music!"

"Nuts in chocolate chip cookies are the end of innocence."
-Nick G.

"I dig possessed women..." -Jon-Michael

"Selling okay!" -Caleb

"Just imagine the Easter Bunny and the Trix Rabbit greased up in a cage fight. That's always a good comfort for me." -John W.

"You speak Russian? Say something in Russian."
*drops to one knee and grabs my hand*
".........Stalin." -Me & Matthew

"If you're going to jump, you'd better do it and decrease the surplus population."

"Why are grown-ups always mourning for their lost youth?"

"I have the type of low cheekbones that inspire that kind of faith in people."

"How many thighs does she HAVE?" -Melody

"Why hast thou taken my scarf, woman? Returneth my scarf before the morrow or get thee down to hell and burneth in the infernal pit." -John W.

"What if Jon-Michael ruled the world?"
"Well, we'd all be up the creek without a paddle. And we wouldn't have any clothes." 
-Jozi & Jon-Michael

"I dunno, they're not exactly the type of friends I'd make people with."

"I like my tea strong...and my women stronger." -Riley

"Well gosh, the government has been fighting pirates for years!"

"I call him McDonald. Mick for short, Donald for long." -Mikey

"Guys, my waterbottle sounds like a flock of penguins." -Mary

"I'd kiss him all day and marry him my whole life." -Lauren

"I'm still feeling John's legs!" -Rebecca

"Those were my lips!" -Rebecca

"I didn't realize what it was...until I turned it sideways." -Mary

"Children tend to look a little winded when they hit adolescence."

"I wish we were all wearing cute underwear." -Lauren

"Fine fellows--cannibals--in their place. That's what I always say."
-Mr. Davis

"Everyone calls him something different. Sometimes I call him Boat."
-Matt P.

"Look guys, this isn't rocket surgery." -Dr. T

"Culinary...does that mean food?" -John W.

"Wow, you guys are athletes with your faces." -Dr. T

"The world needs more humbability." -Marcus

"Little midget redheads. That's what I'm looking for in a man."

"Yesterday, I drowned. Luckily I didn't drown to death." -Tim

"I just want to grasp your Adam's apple. Is that so much to ask?"

"Nothing says love like a moose." -Wendy

"My fashion senses are tingling!" -Jakey

"Don't you come to California to take your pants off with the window open?"
"Actually, I go to Disneyland. With my pants on." -Miriam & Me

"Excuse me, my dress just exploded. I'm going to leave." 

"I bet I could kill you with my bare hands. Oh wait, I totally can."

"Nuns in a teacup: it's the new planking."

"Your coughdrop smells like the doctor."
"Yeah, it tastes like my doctor too." -Wendy & Me

"Since when have I been the enemy? I'm the fruit of your womb!"

"Is this ethical?"
"...meh." -Me & Riley

"You sound like I walked into heaven...and all the angels are drunk."
-Hipster Tipster

"Good morning. Why do you sound like a man?" -Dad

"Facundo Gilberto Rigazonni Lydamond!" -Kat

"I'm actually Presbyterian. We celebrate Easter, right?" -Lauren P.

"We are getting lectured about musical intuition by a person who only writes in parallel fifths."
-Lauren P.

"I want a beard so bad." -Catie

"If you ever need to borrow my outer layer of clothing, just ask!"

"Okay, here's your pen. Now act like you're slitting my throat."

"You need more seduction. Lose the shirt." -Jozi

"Just kidding, I don't have multiple husbands." -Eli

"It's time to plant your foot squarely on the path to manhood! Plant it right...*stomp* HERE."

"I am a barbershop quartet!" -Mr. Larson

"Hello, naked." -Jake

"I was actually seduced by a man." -Ree

"You know those people from Holland? The Hollish?" -Catie

"What are you doing?"
"Listen to this horse noise, okay?" -Me & Oliver

"Moses split the sea, but somebody else seems to have split Moses."

"I love this shirt. It has adjustable modesty." -Maren

"Sometimes I say silly things when my mind goes for a walk. And then I'm like, 'Well, mouth, it's just you and me.'" -Eli

"Riley's thighs." 
"Oh my gosh, I KNOW." -Jozi & Me

"Wow, I wish I had girth." -Justin

"Hail, yourself...." -Kat

"You think I don't know a buttload of crap about the Gospel? I DO."

"Her mom's straight outta Compton. And by Compton, I mean Sweden."

"I'll trade you phones if I can have your social life." -Catie

"You're like a teddy bear."
"With huge muscles."
"THAT'S what I like to hear." -Me & Christian

"Once saw a shahk eat an entah rockin' chah." -Paul

"Oh look: 'Enter Polonius with his man'."
"No way, can I be your man?" -Michael & Henry

"You are a keen theatrical goatherd." -Kat

*In his best Gollum impression* "Master carries heavy burdens..."

"I am paying you..." -Bao

"And what do we do with our food before we eat it...?"
"We...smell it!" -Bro. Dykstra and a random seminary kid

"Let's play, 'If I Were in a Coma.' Ready, go!" -Daniel

"A life condemned to wearing nothing but an XXL plaid shirt...that would be a good life."

"I think I'll wear tights. They'd go really well with..."
"...your legs?" -Riley & Katelyn

"I held a pig yesterday and my maternal instincts were going CRAZY."

"You are gay, except for the gay part." -Kat

"I want to go to Senior Ball with Kent." -John W.

"My brain is a room full of beards."

"'What if Hamlet met the Mormons?' Somebody in here said that, and it wasn't me!"
-Mr. Davis

"Hey, did you bring a printer?" -Kendall

"Wow, you smell like a girl." -Jared

"Hey Uncle Dennis, I need something to help me fly. Do you have a jet pack?"

"This toast feels raw. Is it safe to eat raw toast?" -Kat & Jos

"Thessadermicle? What's that?"
"...I have no clue." -Jos & Me

"But driving 100 mph is against the law."
"Really??" -Kat & Lizzie

"This makes me feel like a wizard spy." -Mama Moulton

"We sit at meals, we sit in class, and we sit at home. We sit in the Testing Center too, but we don't want to think about that right now, do we? No. We don't."
-Professor R.

"Well, how about we steal the White House and replace it with an exact replica?"
*mumbles of thoughtful consent*
-Some kids I walked past on campus

"I'm sorry, I was ovulating."

"He doesn't even know I have a blog. And I'd prefer it stayed that way."

"So, I heard you were pregnant. Whore." -Jared

"NO! We can't have Nutella for dinner and Taco Bell for dessert."

"What on earth is creepy about an old man polishing his nails?"

"You can't just leave pee sitting around the kitchen. I've made that mistake before."

"You are toothpaste." -John W.

"Brevity is the soul of wit."
"Your mom." -Michael & Me

"Don't be late. You need that five dollars for Pokemon cards."
-Professor R.

"You must kiss the oboe note. But please don't kiss the oboe player."
-Dr. Saville

What rapture is mine--my life is hilarious.

(This is a note to me: Remember to post the Home Depot story next time you blog. The people deserve to know.)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Words to Live By, Part 1

This isn't going to be at all serious, so if you're looking for inspiration, you might consider going elsewhere. Here we go.

"You're not as funny as you think you are."
"Hush, we are one." -Me & Clint

"We should handcuff them to the seats."
"And duct-tape their mouths."
"And kill their families!" -Me, Wendy, & John

"What is this? Do you hate God? Do you hate seminary?"
"I hate you." -Nick & Said

"The space between my eyes and my cheekbones could be filled with secrets." -Andy

"I'm sorry, when I get scared I make loud screams." -Jozi

"So what happens when I look in the mirror? What do I see?"
"....yourself, unfortunately." -Mr. Mac & Nick W.

"I'm like a bolt of lightning covered with skin." -Andy

"You have pig flesh on your shirt." -Michael

"Pass, O Thou Devourer of Unworthy Spleens!" -Andy

"You practically gave birth to sanity." -Yon Soo

"I can't take my eyes off your shoes. They're like a drug."

"You just don't have an evil-tron sense of humor." -Dad

"I have a fancy on Katelyn." -Jozi

"If you are repulsed by the idea of plural marriage, that is wonderful! Good for you! For crying out loud, you should be!"
-Bro. Pearce

"My bare calves were quivering in anticipation." -Andy

"I'm gonna come to your party and make ALL of your friends."

"You smell good. Like fruit...and girl." -Matthew

"Are you wearing your lifejacket as a diaper?"
"Ha! No. I'm wearing your lifejacket as a diaper." -Mom & Darin 

"You have a speedo?! Josh just told me the news!" -Ivan

"How do we get this makeup off?"
"Baby oil."
"And how does one obtain oil?"
"By squeezing a ripe baby?" -Michael, Kat, Henry, Michael

"I just came over to remind you how effing good-looking I am."

"Good! Understanding him is the first step to seducing him!"

"Guys, I am SO mildly irritated." -Whitney

"Shh, I'm trying to taste this cave."

"Ah, it's the underpants!" -Henry

"Dang it! I just unbuttoned my shirt all the way for nothing!"

"Hey, a good fine forehead can make all the difference." -Jacob

"I feel like some people could be fooled into thinking Mountain Rush is like...vogue or something." 

"There are hieroglyphics on this bread. I think I just ate the history of a civilization."

"I never know when it might be socially acceptable to suddenly sprout a mustache. I think it would make things awkward." -Michael

"He probably dressed up for villain day. As the Master of Crimes Against Fashion." -Kat

"What are you looking at?"
"Christian Garrett. 'Cause he's hot." -Kat & John W.

"Yes, I've been blessed with loose skin." -Matthew B.

"Guys, Kate and I are getting married to Vegas." -Romain

"No, no. You never get used to Bigfoot." -Chauncey

"Don't go to your meeting, Luke. I am your father!"
"Get thee behind me, Darth." -Mom & Dad

"That can't be one of the three Nephites. His biceps are only about a third of the size they'd need to be." -Chauncey

"What do you call your facial hair?"
"Roscoe." -Jozi & Mr. Davis

"Why won't you trust me with the gavel?"

"I need a nap so hard right now." -Wendy

"Why do you only ever think about seduction and babies?" -Jozi

"No, he comes to teach us art! R-A-T, art!" -Isaac

"I can't get this jacket onto my legs! They're so cold!"
"You know, some people wear pants."
-Isaac & Dad

"You know those days when you start talking and then you start crying? Why am I crying?! Somebody tell me!"

"I only joined Little League for the apple juice." -Jozi

"I'm making a smoke-ship. Mast! Fffff! The ship itself! Pfffft! And the mermaid! Pshhhhhh!" -Riley

"Okay, I have a good story. So. Never mind."
"Well what if I just have an avant-garde approach to punctuation?" -Jozi

"Funnel cakes. They're like sexy waffles." -Christian

"Not like we're doing anything out here, just rollin' doobies!"

"Oh my gosh, I love your hair! It looks like the sunset!" -Macy

"I'm not comfortable with my butt tumor." -Clint

"So what explanation can you offer?"
"I dunno...I'm just like Fred Astaire!" -Tayla & Jon

"That is not appropriate."
"Kiss me." -Tayla & Clint

"Can you tell that this is a comb-over?" -Michael

"How do you like your bananas?"
"Room temperature."
"I prefer mine lukewarm." -Me, Miriam, & Katelyn

"Joseph Conrad was a hipster."
"Oh, everyone has their inner hipster." -Jozi & Me

"You guys like loincloths, right? Isn't that the new 'thing'?"
-Seminary substitute

"Oh, I get it. This is about babies, isn't it?" -Isaac

"I was disturbed...but I wanted to be even MORE disturbed."

"I speak giggle. I'm actually quite fluent." -Aubrey

"You're worthless. You're worthless like a blob of oatmeal." 

"She actually went by Valborg instead of Helga." -Kat

"If rape were a serious crime...stop it, why are you laughing?"

Sorry that was so excessively long--part two is coming tomorrow or Wednesday. I just live a charmed and my merry band of comrades.


I Will Wait

I'm sorry if I've already posted this song. But I don't think I have. In any case, it's been stuck in my head for the past two and a half weeks, and I love it.

Mumford & Sons- I Will Wait

Mumford & Sons are inspirational. I love the poop out of them.


Sunday, September 23, 2012


I've been known to think on the rare occasion. It's often closely related to fly fishing, which is pretty much one of my favorite things. I like to walk up rivers in my shorts and t-shirt and think about life and make analogies and metaphors and poems and songs. So here's my thoughts from our fly fishing trip on Friday.

Number one, sometimes things don't work out the way you think they will. In fact, I'd venture to say that most things don't turn out the way you'd initially imagined. I figured this out on my way down a cliff that I didn't think I'd have to climb down, but it ended up being the only way to get to the down I went. It was an adventure. But in all seriousness, when you plan to walk down a path and end up having to scramble down a cliff, you think a little bit about how much life is like that. You may think you're headed for a wooded glen and find yourself on the edge of a gorge, and what do you do then? Freaking scramble down that gorge. But another thing--make sure you're not going it alone. Don't ask people that love you to stay away while you struggle; that's just selfish.

Next, education is dang exciting. Think about it--connecting things you learn from one place to things you're learning in another place, attaching your life experiences to the things you're talking about in Music Theory or Book of Mormon, and stuff like that? It's just so cool. The big idea I got from this discussion with Dad is that everything we learn contributes to our "worldview"--the lens through which we each individually see and interpret the things around us. My worldview isn't the same as Kat's, Kat's worldview isn't the same as her mom's, her mom's isn't the same as my mom's, my mom's isn't the same as my dad's, so on and so forth. We've all learned different things and thought about them differently, and that affects the way we see the world. I mean, if we were all standing around and Marcus Mumford walked past singing Lily's Eyes, we'd all have different reactions (like falling over in a dead faint, in my case). None of us would interpret it the same way, we'd all have different thoughts about it, and it would literally be a different experience for all of us. None of us would be exactly the same person we were before it happened. And here we could jump into Bakhtinian theory, but I'll save that for another day.

The point of that rant is that every person on the earth is irreplaceable. Literally irreplaceable. Nobody on this whole planet is the same as you, and that makes you incredibly precious. The way you think about life and the world and the things around you is absolutely unique to your mind. Isn't that fascinating? And doesn't it make you feel special? (It should, because you totally are.)

Gee whiz, that's pretty heavy and I did a terrible job of explaining it. But I hope you got a least a little bit of sense out of that mangled mash of thought-vomit. If you only remember one thing, remember that you are the only you on the earth. You've never been here before and you'll never be here again, and you are wonderful and unique and special, so you better share yourself with everyone around you. They deserve to know you.

Hmm. I'm not sure that's the post I originally meant to write, but there you have it. Happy Sunday!

Oh, and by the way? I love temple dedications.

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing - MoTab


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturdays is Good Days

Sometimes people say my taste in music is too mainstream, and I'm all, "Like I care what you think." I'm tired of the mentality that because something is popular, it's somehow automatically bad. Or because something is obscure it's automatically good. I listen to what I like! So there!

When You Were Young - The Killers (This one's for my cousin Andy.)

Starlight - Muse

The Three Song - Smothers Brothers

The Cave - Mumford & Sons

Admiral Halsey - Paul McCartney

Rylynn - Andy McKee

If Darkness Would Rather Come - Cameron McGill & What Army

Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet

A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

So how about that?


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Right in the heart, guys. Right in the heart.

You Ain't No Sailor - Marcus Mumford

When You Come Back Down - Nickel Creek

You Can Close Your Eyes - James Taylor

Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) - Billy Joel


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sometimes Lord of the Rings Dominates My Life

I'll apologize in advance for the number of lengthy songs I'm posting here, but I can't pick just one. I cussing love Howard Shore.

Rohan Themes

The Realm of Gondor

Last March of the Ents

Pippin's Song

The Shire

The Coronation.

If you don't listen to any of them, just watch the last one. It never fails to make me weep. I love Lord of the Rings. Happy Sunday!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just a Song.

No deep thoughts today. I just like this song.

40 Mark Strasse-The Shins


Friday, September 14, 2012


I feel like a dirtbag because I forgot the adult session of Stake Conference was tonight. Gosh dang it. That's probably why all my roommates were gone when I got out of the shower. Grr. This is not my day. But, here's a song that's not making me feel any better. Happy Friday?


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good memories.

Here's a though about music. Somehow, it becomes even more extraordinary when you have memories attached to it. It's like having a picture book inside your head that you can open when you hear the music! That doesn't make any sense...but if you know what I mean, you know what I mean. Take this for example.

Schotissche--Suite of Old American Dances


Sibelius Symphony No. 2, mvmt. III & IV


Singin' in the Rain-Gene Kelly

I love the Timpview Band. I love All-State Orchestra. I love mornings with my mom when I was five. Memories galore. And all the best kind. :)

Love always,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feeling Inside (And Stuff Like That)

This needs very little explanation. I hope you're willing to spend...fourteen...minutes...watching this.

Love always,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mondays are Poo.

I hate Mondays. Mondays are made of silly things like impossible Theory homework and no naps. However, sometimes there are nice little rays of sunshine like your sweet roommate making you a bowl of soup and bringing to you where you're moping over your Civ textbook. (Thanks Kat, you're an angel.) And other little rays like rainstorms and sunsets and looking forward to fall and your home teacher coming to visit for the first time. He smelled nice. Oh, and a new Lizzie Bennet diaries today!

So here's today's song. Not particularly cheerful, but it feels like fall. And fall is all I can think about today. So there.

Love always,

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Music

Sunday is by far the best day of the week. Sundays lend themselves to peace and naps and cookies and great music. So here's today's wonderful song:

It's the hymn Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy, arranged for the BYU Men's Chorus by Lane Johnson. I love this hymn, I love the Men's Chorus, and I love Sundays.

Also...I can't contain myself.

This Is The Christ, Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Makes me cry every time. Happy Sunday!

Love always,

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Music and the Month of September

I'm sorry that music is all I blog about. Music and love. But not very sorry, because I like music.

So here's what. I've been thinking lately about all the fabulous music I love that I want people to know about, but I never know how to go about it. So, I'm going to post a song that I love every day for the rest of the month. It's gonna be all sorts of fun. You'll get symphonies and indie rock and folk music and Broadway and who knows what else? So. This is fun. I like this.

Today, the song is Elephant Gun by Beirut.

There's a link for ya. The video's weird, but I really enjoy the song.

Happy Saturday!

Love always,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Campus is Great

I love going to school at BYU. There are a lot of a reasons for this, but one of the biggest ones is the fact that I get to see people I love every single day. Take today for example--I was walking out of the HFAC after rehearsal and I saw Rebecca, Caleb, and Ben all standing around chatting. They all waved and Caleb said, "Hey, you got the memo! School reunion right here, right now. Glad you could make it." And as we stood there Karli and Katelyn both walked up and joined us, and then Caleb, Katelyn, Rebecca and I all walked back to Heritage together.

What the heck? How did I get so lucky? Walking across campus over the past 8 days, I've seen Kat Moulton, Jon Bigelow, Caroline Madsen, Mimi Hamblin, John Wilson, Rebecca Devonas, Katelyn Rudy, Josh Brewer, Josh Burr, Caleb Karpowitz, Clint Purser, Rachel Chow, Laura Barnett, Aaron Davis, Anna Boucher, Rosemary Merrill, Karli Ellis, Michael Christensen, Riley Budd, John Oldroyd, Tyler Clark, James Leavy, Catie Brown and quite a few others. It's just so fun!

College is a friendly place when there are people you love lurking around every corner.

Love always,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Don't read this, it's about love.

I'll beg forgiveness in advance; this is a pretty silly post. But here we go anyway!

BYU is the ultimate haunt of happy couples. They are quite literally everywhere. I was walking up the hill to my apartment and there was a cute couple in front of me, walking together and holding hands, and I found myself absentmindedly wishing that I had someone to hold hands with while I walked home. When I caught myself, I felt very silly and pondered about happy couples and hand-holding for the rest of the walk home.

But then I had a revelation! I don't want that...until I've found someone that will be worth the struggle and the heartache that all relationships are. And that will think I'm worth it too. Sure, holding hands and snuggling and kissing is all great--but so pointless unless it's with someone you really love that loves you too, and I don't think that's too much to hold out for. He'll be just right for me, even though I'm not quite sure what that means yet. But I'm excited to find out.

So until I find him, and I know he's out there, I'll just smile at the darling couples all over campus and wait patiently. :)

Love always,