Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

Here I am, at home all alone. Thinking about Christmas and New Year's and what January will inevitably bring. My dear brother Paul will be leaving on his mission to Independence, Missouri on January 13th. My homework isn't done. My room is a mess. I'm worried about driving in the snow tomorrow. My stomach hurts and I've had a headache for a week.
But I'm so lucky and so blessed. I have a wonderful family that loves me, I have a brother going to do the Lord's work for 2 years, I have another week to finish my homework, I have a nice cozy room to make messes in, we have a car to drive through the snow, and I have Tums and ibuprofen to keep me working properly.
So even though I'm sad and worried and already missing my brother, I have a lot to be thankful for. I get to spend New Year's with my brother one more time. My cup runneth over.


Lee and Melody said...

You're so right. I have lots to be grateful for too, like having you come get me tomorrow. :) It always helps put life in perspective if you look for the good things. I think I'll try doing that today too.

Marianne said...

I like this post. I like your new signature, too. You're so SMRT!!