Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Full Plate

Background: I came home from church two hours early on account of feeling very ill, and, after determining what to eat (chicken noodle soup...ahh) I decided I should buck up and at least get some reading done for English.

I decided reading The Grapes of Wrath would be much more tolerable if I was rewarding myself with a less horrible book in between every few chapters. So I went into my room and thought to myself, "What am I reading right now that I could use in between?" and found all these books sitting on my bedside table in the state of being partially read:

1. The Life of Pi

2. Persuasion

3. Gone with the Wind

4. Tuesdays with Morrie

5. Ella Enchanted

6. The Shipping News

7. Heart of Darkness

8. Calvin and Hobbes

9. The Book of Mormon

So, technically speaking, I am in the process of reading ten books right now (if you can count Calvin and Hobbes and The Book of Mormon, which I'm always reading).

You may ask me why I don't just finish one book and move on to another....and I will not have a good answer for you. I just can't seem to come to terms with one at a time! Oh well, at least I have a lot to do over Spring Break! :)

Love always,


Carrots said...

And this, THIS is why we're friends. 1. We love the same books. (You're reading Ella? I'm so surprised! Sarcasm hand.) 2. You do the whole "can't read/finish one book at a time. We need alot of books! Love me.

Marianne said...

I like your list. A lot.

And I hope you're feeling better now.


beck said...

Tuesdays with Morrie is heart-turning; tears will flow down your face...probably, haha, but, really it is a beautiful book.

Anna B said...

um, so i was puttering around on the internet and found your blog! i hope you don't mind. i read shipping news in your dad's class--depressing and interesting. i still think about it. you are a great writer, by the way!