Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Whether or not to blog about the weather.... Ha ha. I love words.

Anyway, I have been solemnly instructed by a parental unit to blog about the weather. So, here we go.

Weather. It's everywhere. The best thing about weather is....um....wind. I like wind, actually. It's so awesome. Wind can be refreshing or threatening or foreboding (!) or tickly or...anything really. I love wind.

Also, I love flowers. There are hyacinths and daffodils and irises and tulips coming up in our garden out front. They smell like heaven. I don't even mind the awkward snow/sun combinations we keep having because they make the flowers smell amazing. Seriously, I hope heaven smells like my garden does. Dirt and everything. (I like the smell of dirt. Is that weird?)

What else about weather? Random rain storms, I like those. Oh boy, I just realized I'm excited for summer lightning storms. Those are so cool. I hope the lightning strikes some sand so I can go glass hunting.

*rambles on incoherently about the weather for a little while longer*

The point is, I love spring! That's all.

Love always,


Marianne said...

Which parental unit? Must've been dad, cuz I told you to quit blogging and go to bed!! ;-)

Lee and Melody said...

I love wind, too. If you love wind, you should live in Rexburg. They've got nothing but wind and cold and wind. Plus, I hear there's an excellent university nearby. :)

Aubrey Noelle said...

One day I'll smell dirt...
for now, you're kinda an odd duck :)

Yon Solo said...

I'm telling you, Mother Nature has been on her period. :)