Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feeling Slightly Sheepish....

Okay, everyone. It's been a really, REALLY long time. I am thoroughly ashamed of myself.

Now, on to better things!

A quick update on life--
This summer I've:
Been to Girl's Camp, which was grand. Much weeping ensued.
Hiked a violent hike in the Uinta mountains. Less weeping ensued, but weeping there was.
Driven across the United States and back. Very little (if any) weeping ensued.
Read the Harry Potter books again. A great deal of weeping ensued.

Next week, I'm going to Lake Powell. Weeping will probably ensue!
Also, I am about to embark on the lofty quest of reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy...in one month. Whew. Wish me luck with that one. Count on the weeping.

As you can see, there has been quite enough weeping this summer. Why? I couldn't tell you. However, I am vastly happy and very excited for school to start up again.
I'll be taking these lovely classes:

1. AP Psychology
2. AP English
3. Symph. Band
4. Journalism
5. A Capella
6. Madrigal Choir
7. Seminary/TA
8. US Gov/Seminary

Party. I know it. Anyway, I'm about to be late to the midnight breakfast! Have a glorious evening, everyone. :)

Oh, and by the way...... I love the Doctor. In case you didn't know.

Love always,


Marianne said...

Thanks for ripping my Michael Buuuubleeeee CDs.

Kate said...

You're welcome, Mother!

Kristen Oddette said...

Holy toledo. I'm still reeling in shock. My blogger updater thingy informed me that "A Spot for Kate" had a new post! How could this be? Was I imagining things? Apparently I was. And still am. This is novel.

Your summer sounds superb. :)

Sadie Williams said...

Ah! LOVE Doctor Who :) David Tennant is one quirky man, cool, very cool.