Monday, September 12, 2011


Should I drop a class? Quit my job? Give up flute or voice?

What class could I drop? I need the money. I can't give up music or I'll die.

THEN WHAT IS TO BE DONE? I need to learn to manage my time. I am so desperately unhappy.

Oh help.


Marianne said...

Oh my poor darling. {hug hug hug}

You can do this. This is a part of growing up--learning to manage your time, and make hard choices about what to do when it all gets to be too much.

I think AP Psych ws a bad choice from the beginning. Let's get you out of there. That will help, alot!!

(That was a joke. I typed it that way on purpose. To make you laugh.)

(Here is another joke. Can you guess why I hid under the porch?)

Anne Gable said...

I was about to type "oh my poor darling," and then I saw the first comment. Yep. I love your mom. Also you! Dearheart, I completely understand, and I won't blame you if you drop AP Psych, I'll just miss you. But hey, we'll still have English and Journalism, so it's ok! <3
Call me if you need anything...a partner in crime, homework buddy, chicken noodle soup, name it.

Love me. :) Alot.

Catie said...

oh Kate. I love you. I'm "managing" my time and going on about 4.5/5 hours of sleep a night. You're probably better than me in that department. :/

Tami said...

i have a solution! quit hanging out with your crazy cousin andy! and his crazy friends! actually, that's not a good idea, because i can always check on him through you! hang in there! you will get better and all the juggling. i wish it would go away, but being a mom is like being the chief of logistics! for the entire world!

Melody said...

I love you for a lot (I mean Alot) of reasons, Kate. One of them is for titling your post Moo.

And before I even read any of these comments, I scrolled down and looked at your schedule, and thought Psych too. There's time for that later, but all your other classes are ones where you will make fun memories while you're still in high school. Except for maybe English, but whether it's literature or composition they will both serve you well in college and later in life, learning to write a fine essay on a topic you know not-much about is a vital life skill. I'm serious.

Hang in there, kiddo. Your mom is right, learning when to put on the brakes and when to say no are hard but important. It's good and healthy to be able to recognize when there is too much, and don't forget you are entitled to divine help if you seek after it.

And I love you. THAT's why I was hiding under the porch.

Marianne said...

MELODY. You freaking rock.

I knew you would know why I was hiding under the porch. I just KNEW it.

And for my Words with Friends friends, my word verification is XQUAD. If only that were a real word....

Kristina Clemens said...

I faced those same feelings in college. I had to choose between French Horn lessons and sanity. You'll get through this! (to echo your first commenter) =)
Kristina J.

Johan said...

Can I tell you that life without taking AP psyche isn't all that bad? Actually it's great. I get to practice three hours and go to bed before ten thirty almost daily. Every once and a while I kind of feel like I'm missing out, but I mean there's always time to take psyche later. Unless your in it for the friends, then you just need to remember you instrument is your only true friend. :)