Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anglophile (Smitten by Britain)

Anglophile [ang-gluh-fahyl, -fil] noun: a person who is friendly to or admires England or English customs, institutions, etc.

It's high time the world knew. I am excessively fond of...a cottage. No, I mean English culture. (Kat, that reference was for you.) I like Doctor Who. I like afternoon tea. I like Robin Hood. I like Oscar Wilde. I like Mumford & Sons. I like the BBC. I like Harry Potter. I like rolling hills and rainy days. I like Sherlock Holmes. I like The Beatles. I like English scones. I like Tom Hiddleston. I like fish and chips. I like Jane Austen. 

I like English accents and English customs and English humor and English television and English novels and English movies and English authors and English singers and English food and English architecture and English history and English legends. I want to go to England. Anyone up for a trip?

In the meantime...

Come at, lads. Let's go parading before it's too late.

Love always,


Marianne said...

I'll go.

Now. Let's go!

Melody said...

Can I come too? I'm actually completely serious. Let's hit Scotland while we're that close, can we?