Sunday, December 12, 2010

Inspired By Kat...

Kat's angst-y post about boys was so inspiring that now getting distracted by a Reese's commercial. Oh how I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. But that's not the point! Gah. Let me try again.


Here's the thing. You've been one of my life's best friends (so far), and I truly miss how close we used to be. Originally this was supposed to be a post about how well I am doing not thinking about you, but instead, I'm going to list all the things I loved about our friendship.

1. You were there for me when I thought I had nowhere to turn.

2. You let me cry when I wanted to be strong.

3. You invited me over just because we enjoyed each other's company.

4. You played with my little brothers.

5. You taught me how to wakeboard.

6. You would take me to Wendy's whenever it struck my fancy.

7. You kidnapped me on my birthday so we could watch cowboy movies.

8. You stayed up late to talk to me when I needed to talk.

9. You came over to do math homework with me.

10. You put up with all my complaining about silly things.

11. You fell asleep whenever we were watching tv, and didn't mind when I woke you up.

12. You hugged me.

13. You offered to hold my hand so I'd have the courage to jump.

14. You went fishing with my dad and little brother.

15. You didn't mind when I laughed at you.

16. You let me play your piano.

17. Your mom always fed me.

18. Your dogs loved me (and I loved them).

19. Your family told me that they liked me.

20. You always knew when something was wrong.

Need I go on? You were a great friend to me. But I stood by while you went through quite a few girlfriends who you didn't really care about, and who didn't really care about you. I pretended not to care that you didn't get me a birthday present. I pulled myself together when I was sick and you wanted to do something. I helped you choose Valentine's gifts for your girlfriends. I hung out with you and your girlfriend whenever you asked me because no one else would (even thought it was painful).

You probably never even noticed. You probably don't care that our friendship will never be quite the same.

Torn up? Yeah. Feeling better? Yeah.

Love always,


McKann said...


Stories of my life.
I feel for you Kate.

Marianne said...

This freakin' made me cry. Dang it.

Carrots said...

I know exactly what you mean, Kate's mom! Well, Benjy, you should be happy. I was close to tears over this post. Also flattered, I'll admit. :) Ah well. Let us go on a picnic! For, "what are men compared to rocks and mountains?" Love always!

Aubrey Noelle said...

you are a beautiful person :)
and i love you

Lee and Melody said...

*biggest hug EVER*

Nicole LaRee Roberts said...

you are a the kind of friend most people only dream of having. You are the kind of girl who cares so much for other people its inspiring. You are amazing and i hope you never forget that. i hope this friend of yours will realize what he's missing. i learned from you i hope you know. this post is good. and sincere. and..well im rambling now. but i hope you know i love you so so much.and im thinking of you and i pray for you.. and tell your family hi and i miss and love them..very much so..

sincerely nicole.

Nicole LaRee Roberts said...
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