Thursday, January 20, 2011

Effective Time-Wasting 101

List of "important" things to do (or at least work on) today:

1. Global Citizen Project. This one is a serious project. It's gonna take some work.

2. Math homework. I don't understand it at all.

3. Practice. Solo and ensemble is just around the corner, with lots of extra band/orchestra music on the side.

4. Schemes/Tropes Project. Another big one. This definitely needs some attention.

5. The Crucible. Not VERY important, but needs some reading nonetheless.

6. The Shipping News. I am behind schedule on that one, to say the least.

7. Call several relatives to ask about donating to my "I'm poor but I'm still going on tour" fund.

8. Clean my room. I can't get to my bed.

9. Take the dog for a walk. Even a short one would suffice, but he needs to get out.

10. Get referrals from Momi so I can get my P.E. credit so I can graduate high school.

Naturally, being who I am, I started in on this formidable pile of work the moment I got home from school.

I got the referrals before I came home, called the relatives while I walked the dog, cleaned my room, practiced for two hours, and read The Crucible and The Shipping News in between projects. Also, I finished my math homework. Then, with hours to spare, I relaxed and enjoyed a few moments to myself.


Real Version

I forgot to get the referrals from Momi before I came home. I then proceeded to come home and watch Robin Hood for an hour before going to the temple for another two and a half hours. Then I came home and played Plants vs. Zombies for....well, a long time. I also ate dinner.

I did not walk the dog, call the relatives, do the projects, read the books, finish the homework, practice, or clean my room.

I stewed about it for a while and was resolved to go at least finish the math homework for tomorrow. Then I decided it would be a better idea to blog about it.

You would think I'd have figured it out by now.

The moral of the story?

Eh. Use your imagination.

Love always,


Lee and Melody said...

That was awesome. And, like Calvin, I simply work better under last-minute stress, so I plan on putting it off to the last possible second.

And it sounds like you are doing the things you need to maintain some shred of sanity, which is infinitely more important than the Crucible, or anything else.

You so totally rock.

Carrots said...

You see? THIS is why we're friends. Our priorities are most definitely in the right places. ;) (Meaning with Robin and Will, mostly.)

Marianne said...

I still say you can NOT watch Robin Hood if Marian is...YOU KNOW... DEAD.