Saturday, January 1, 2011

Men of Mystery

Is it just me, or are detectives wildly attractive? I mean really.

What is it about them?!

Now I'll rattle off some of my favorite detectives in no particular order.

Adrian Monk.

He's a genius.
(Geniuses are always attractive.)

Doctor Who.

I mean, c'mon.
Look at that face.

Sherlock Holmes.

(I think so.)

The Hardy Boys.

Smart teenage boys?

Shawn Spencer.

Do I even need to say anything about him?
(No. No I don't.)

Really, what is it about detectives that makes them so irresistible?

Is it the suave way they handle situations?

(No. Adrian Monk is not suave.)

Is it the slightly tousled, five o clock shadow look?

(No. The Hardy Boys are too young to have five o clock shadows.)

Is it the straightforward, no-nonsense gathering of facts and clues?

(No. Shawn Spencer is nothing but nonsense.)


I guess it'll always be a mystery.

(But whatever it is, they have
definitely got it.)

Love Always,


Lee and Melody said...

Shawn Spencer is fabulous. And I agree, whatever it is, they have it and I LIKE it!

Kate said...


Catie said...

HOT. nuff said.

McKann said...

Love, love LOVE Shawn Spencer. Just watched the last two episodes of season 3.... Quality.