Monday, March 7, 2011


Some days just humble you into tears and onto your knees. Today was that day.

It's hard to believe how wrapped and tangled up I get in my own life. I complain over Physics homework. I think my life is difficult because I didn't get to practice as long as I wanted to. The guy I like doesn't like me back and I'm always up late doing homework. I'm not as skinny as I want to be and everyone is asking too much of me.

And then I remember that there are people surrounding me that have real problems, and I cry for being selfish and forgetting that I am blessed above and beyond anything I can ever hope to deserve.

I remember that I have a family that I adore, and that will put up with me.
I remember that my siblings and parents are all healthy.
I remember that my parents have jobs and can support our family.
I remember that I am strong and smart and am capable of doing anything I want to do.

Even the biggest hurt of my life is healing. The person that injured me more than I ever thought he could turned his life around and is doing wonderful things with it.

So many people don't have those things. And I can't believe I ever forget to be thankful for them. Many of my friends have lost parents and siblings to diseases and accidents. Kids I know are ruining their lives with drugs and alcohol.

I look at my amazing family that love me and I am grateful. I look at my incredible friends with strong testimonies and I am grateful. I have a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. I look at the people literally surrounding me that are ready at a moment's notice to let me scream or cry or vent or talk whenever I need to.

And I am grateful.

Love always,


Marianne said...

I love you, Kate. This is a beautiful post. And you are a beautiful girl.


Lee and Melody said...

Oh, Kate. You are exactly right, and I totally needed this today. I love you!