Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gasoline, Milk, Country Music, and Home Depot

Judging from the title, you'd assume this post is a lot more exciting than it really is. I could tell you an extravagant story involving those things, but instead you're going to get two random facts, a story, and a song. The song first.

Just Fishin' - Trace Adkins

Working at a barn does things to your taste in music. So, secretly, I love country music. Plus this song reminds me how much I love fishing with my dad, and it makes me cry a lot.

Now, on to business.

1. I love 2% milk. 2% milk is my one and only, besides BYU chocolate milk. Dang it, I just love milk.

2. I like the smell of gasoline. I forgot about that until today. Do you want to know why? Good, I'll tell you. I like it because the towboats at Tom & Woods smelled like gasoline, and I had the best times of my childhood at Tom & Woods, catching frogs and swimming in the lake and fishing on the dock where the towboats were tied off. So...gasoline smells like childhood?

3. And now for Home Depot. I feel like I may have actually written about this event before, but it's good enough to be told again.
Once upon a golden summer, I went to Home Depot with my family to get paint. We were buying a lot of paint, and the guy at the counter told us it would take a while to mix it all, or whatever they do when they're getting paint ready. So we wandered off, looking for entertainment. I found mine in the form of paint can boxes, and the models thereupon. You know those boxes that all the cans come in? And they always have a picture on the front of some happy person sitting in a well-furnished room? Yeah, you can probably see where this is going. So I borrowed a pen from my mom and went from box to box, embellishing the boxes and happy people as I saw fit. I was transforming an especially cheerful man into a pirate when, in the middle of his fantastic mustache, my pen ran out of ink. I shook it and scribbled on the box, but to no avail. Right at that moment, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I knew I was in trouble. I turned around slowly to face the giant, burly, marine-like Home Depot employee that was standing behind me. I smiled in what I imagine was a slightly apologetic way, and he looked over my shoulder at the paint-can pirate, complete with earring and eyepatch. He raised one eyebrow and looked down at me. I felt completely ashamed and was about to offer a frantic apology when he reached into his apron and pulled out a ballpoint pen. "I just thought you might like to try this pen; I noticed yours stopped working," he said. I felt my jaw drop, and he chuckled a bit. I accepted the pen and mumbled a dumbfounded, "Thanks." He smiled and walked away, and over his shoulder he said, "Keep up the good work!"



Daniel T. said...

My aunt and uncle own(ed) Tom and Woods (now Williams and Hall).

Kate said...

How funny, my grandparents ran the outfitting shop up until my grandma died. Who are your aunt and uncle?

Miriam said...

This restored my faith in humanity.

Marianne said...

Kate, Daniel's aunt and uncle are Blayne and Charlene. Charlene is Daniel's dad's sister.

Daniel, Kate's grandparents are the Williams of Williams and Hall.

And Kate, excellent writing. I love that Home Depot story--you told it very well. Complete with eyepatch and earring!