Thursday, September 6, 2012

Campus is Great

I love going to school at BYU. There are a lot of a reasons for this, but one of the biggest ones is the fact that I get to see people I love every single day. Take today for example--I was walking out of the HFAC after rehearsal and I saw Rebecca, Caleb, and Ben all standing around chatting. They all waved and Caleb said, "Hey, you got the memo! School reunion right here, right now. Glad you could make it." And as we stood there Karli and Katelyn both walked up and joined us, and then Caleb, Katelyn, Rebecca and I all walked back to Heritage together.

What the heck? How did I get so lucky? Walking across campus over the past 8 days, I've seen Kat Moulton, Jon Bigelow, Caroline Madsen, Mimi Hamblin, John Wilson, Rebecca Devonas, Katelyn Rudy, Josh Brewer, Josh Burr, Caleb Karpowitz, Clint Purser, Rachel Chow, Laura Barnett, Aaron Davis, Anna Boucher, Rosemary Merrill, Karli Ellis, Michael Christensen, Riley Budd, John Oldroyd, Tyler Clark, James Leavy, Catie Brown and quite a few others. It's just so fun!

College is a friendly place when there are people you love lurking around every corner.

Love always,


Marianne said...

Don't forget the lurkers in the JFSB and the CTB!!

Yon Soo Park said...

:( miss you all!

Grace Taylor said...

John Wilson from Alpine/Beaverton?